You don’t take your car to the dentist, why would your computer/Point of Sale manage your credit card processing?

Navigating today’s business landscape can be critical for success. So many independent Point of Sale distributors state they will “set up” a business’s processing then relinquish all support and assistance to a toll-free customer service number. This also means that the account will be ignored with no one actually reviewing annually to ensure no rate increases, PCI Compliant and if equipment is up to date. Any business who has needed to change depository bank account or adjust a transaction after settlement has learned the tedious process while dealing with a stranger some where in the world with little if any understanding of the actual merchant.
Another attempt to take advantage of business owners are the POS companies who state that the credit card processing is proprietary. This means that if unhappy with costs or service you would need to get a whole new system in order to change what company manages your merchant services. Usually these POS charge up to 2/3’s more to accept credit cards than an actual processor with the hopes that the business owner is not aware.
In conclusion, when looking for a POS to assist in managing your business sales and/or inventory please be sure that the processing is open sourced in order for the provider to earn your ongoing business. For additional information visit

Steven Miller
NYS Marketing Director Electronic Merchant Systems