Social Media Marketing Notes

Social Media is a broadcast medium that if utilized will increase analytics for branding and exposure increasing revenue. The total Facebook audience in the United States amounted to 214 million users. With more than 1.8 billion. In 2014, U.S. users spent an average of 39 minutes on the site every day and the social network has become a part of daily online usage for millions of users though not the only medium. With this in mind I believe the following notes will increase your traffic as well as revenue.
• When posting, utilize as many platforms as possible (Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) as well as please update/add photos to your Google business. Go to for creating post as well as analytics
• When business posting, graphics attract more attention and recommend always adding web address as well as phone numbers as studies show users prefer to “click” through when interested. Marketing is like leaving a trail of seeds to be followed. Fortunately this is all measured and you can monitor your numbers of both frequency and input.
• You may want to update your personal profile as where you work in order to drive traffic to your business page (as well as invite all contacts to “like” your page). Keeping profiles up to date increases views and visits.
• When time permits and you are viewing any social media platform it has been identified that there are two types of users, participators and voyeurs. Social Media is just that, social. It is recommended that as long as you’re viewing, take a moment and scroll through. “Liking” either personally or as your business page not only shows support but increases name recognition for your brand.
• Take a moment and support others businesses as well as give a review and your name/brand will shine with appreciation.
• Though some days tedious, recognizing friends birthdays daily with a graphic not only increases exposure but also helps them feel good
• Liking/Birthdays/Congratulations and Condolences are regularly utilized actions that not only show awareness and mindfulness but help people smile from recognition. When people feel good the brain releases endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine helping their happiness. It’s also nice. Appreciation and Gratitude are also similar as well as humbling.
• We utilize food often as everyone eats and enjoys participating as well as learning of new dishes or locations. Whether sharing pet pics (as you can see the popularity), beautiful views enjoyed or friends and family. Share only what you feel is acceptable as public knowledge. A sad example, we once had a rep phone in sick and then post publicly at a bar. This didn’t work out well.
• You are an amazing teacher/coach and sharing an idea or lesson daily is another way of helping others growth and will be “liked” (and appreciated) by many. If your social media skills even come close to your presentation and interpersonal communication, you are sure to excel at an increased pace
• Your graphic creating skills will always increase especially with newly evolving technologies. Video graphics and popularity is definitely on the rise and recommend reviewing: for additional insight. Save all created graphics for future use as well as history. Recommend keeping multiple files of items for future use and speed.
• When posting, tagging others in attendance as well as location shows endorsement, association and support to the friends/location/event and/or organization as well as notifies others involved and shows in news feed
• Creating both personal and business events as well as inviting all is a great tool for notifying people and brand awareness.
• The importance of a logo is recognized globally. See:
• When taking photos, don’t be afraid to take multiples to be able to select best view/angle/lighting. Take the time to adjust or crop as necessary and remember the rule of 1/3rds:
• Transparency has deemed priority in today’s business (see: as educated new clients are now doing their diligence in researching the individual they plan on working with/hiring as well as now part of Visa underwriting for business. We effectively invite all by utilizing links in email signatures as well as posted on profiles
• Continuous communication shows ongoing attention while sharing industry updates and “how to’s”. If your web sitehad a link to join newsletter and then you can share this to increase membership. The newsletter can also congratulate recent clients and offerings. More information regarding Newsletter importance can be found at: