Re-Opening & Safely Accepting Payments
During these unique times, both staff and customers safety/health are a major concern. Businesses need to be able to adapt in order to continue in this new landscape affecting how both orders and payments are acquired. To begin, signatures on transactions are no longer required by the card brands (Master Card, Visa, Discover, Amex) and credit/debit card usage has never been higher in our history. Below are options for alternative business practices and payment procedures that can assist.
• Online ordering: while retail businesses can add a simple shopping cart and check out for either order pickup or product shipping, restaurants and food service industries require a more intricate options for online ordering and still both simple and inexpensive.
• Virtual Point of Sale: many industries including professional, manufacturers and service industries are now utilizing a VPOS to manage their client data base and send invoices with “pay now” button which is increasing cash flow and adding transparency through utilization of dashboard. A separate Bluetooth/Wi-Fi EMV ready add-on can be utilized in order to not touch credit cards.
• Crypto currency: Bitcoin, Ripple and more are being utilized on an increasing basis especially on larger purchases and can be accepted with ease.
• PCI Compliance: No matter how a business is accepting payments they must complete their annual PCI Self-assessment questionnaire. Please check your monthly credit card processing statements for any fee/fine for Non PCI-Compliance. If not completed there is no coverage for any data breach or hack.
As a Chamber Member, Electronic Merchant Systems offers complimentary assistance reviewing your current payment acceptance method, aid with becoming compliant as well as analyze current costs.
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