Our 411eat solution can take your restaurant to the next level

In 2020, many consumers expect to order online from their favorite restaurants. Ordering online is simple, precise, and most importantly – fast! Many local and chain restaurants are offering this service because they see the value it provides to their customers. If you haven’t found the right online ordering solution yet, we’ve got you covered.

Electronic Merchant Systems partners with 411eat to empower restaurants like yours to provide this valuable option.


411eat creates customized website and app-based ordering solutions that integrate with many point of sale systems, including Total Touch®
POS. It can also be offered as a stand-alone product that is uniquely designed to be consistent with your brand and links to your website.


Direct Customer-to-Store Messaging

Streamline order communications and reduce the chance for error! If your customer has a question or update for their order, they can simply message you directly through your app or website.

Group & Future Ordering

This feature is a game-changer for your customers who like to plan ahead. It allows them to lock in lunch before the rush or work out the details for a party well in advance.

Advanced Delivery Features

Set up delivery ranges and vary price points based on your customer’s location. Plus, you can alert customers when their order leaves the restaurant and send updates in real-time.

Zero Downtime Guarantee

If your restaurant experiences an internet interruption, the 411eat team will step in and make sure you never stop receiving orders.

No-Hassle Platform Building

If adding online ordering to your website sounds complicated, don’t worry. 411eat will completely customize the online ordering experience for you and seamlessly add it to your website.

More Orders, Fewer Mistakes

Online ordering helps to reduce order entry errors and eliminates any uncomfortable language barriers. Add this solution to your restaurant to reach more customers and
increase satisfaction!

Implementing an online ordering solution through 411eat can help you dramatically enhance productivity, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more!