Online Ordering for Restaurants! Allow customers to order directly from your website by clicking on an “Order Online” button. All we need is your menu to get started!

Order Notification

The online order is instantly delivered to YOUR restaurant via the Internet, eMail, fax, or SMS text message. Order confirmation assures fail-safe order execution by chaining together different delivery methods.

Satisfied Customers

Internet & mobile savvy customers will appreciate a modernized way to do business with you. Eliminates order mistakes by staff and overcomes language barriers. Online orders are approximately 25% larger than phone orders.

Labor Savings

Employees are not tied up on the phone or at the counter. Customers like the control and order accuracy they are provided and you should see a considerable increase in order frequency.

Feedback & Loyalty

Each order results in an email to the customer that provides order details and a link to provide feedback. Complaints can easily be addressed by sending an email accompanied by an eCoupon discounting their next order. Online rewards programs can be activated to enhance customer loyalty.